Meal plans are available to all students and are either pre-assigned based on student housing or may be purchased through MyBethel by clicking the Housing & Meals link in the Tools & Resources menu.

All students in Residence Halls except North Waters and North Woods are required to have a meal plan and are pre-assigned the Block B meal plan with the option to change to another meal plan.

  • Unlimited visits to eat in Monson Dining Center during any meal period. Card swipe to enter, eat-in dining. 
  • Never worry about keeping track of how many meals you've used, eat as often as you like. 
  • Guest meals available with the use of flex dollars.
  • Block plans offer students a set-number of meals in Monson Dining Center for the term. Card swipe to enter, eat-in dining. 
  • Meals can be used any time and as often as you wish. 
  • Block meals may be used to bring in a guest.

Meals are your ticket into Monson Dining Center. Once you walk through the doors, you're free to choose whatever food you'd like. You'll use one "meal" every time you go. Unused meals are forfeited at the end of the term.

  • You can use flex dollars for a quick snack in Royal Grounds, a meal at the 3900 Grill, or an extra trip to the dining center for you or a friend. 
  • Depending on the plan, you'll have a certain amount of flex for each term—fall, interim, and spring. If you run out, you can always add more. Unspent flex is forfeited at the end of each term. 
  • If you’re on the Flex Only plan, you'll pay with flex instead of a "meal" at Monson Dining Center.

Students living in North Waters/Woods or non-Bethel housing may chose the Flex Only plan if they do not plan on dining on campus frequently. The Flex Only plan does not offer any meals per semester, but instead a set amount of Flex per semester to be used at any of our three dining locations. This plan also has great advantages over the "no meal plan at all" option because you pay no Minnesota sales tax on your flex dollars.

If you are a PSEO student commuting from home, you may find that you want to eat on campus a couple times per week to socialize with your friends or just to save time while staying on campus to do homework, extra-curricular activities, etc. You are just as much a part of the Bethel community as students living on campus, so we want you to take part in the dining experience too! This plan offers 2 meals per week that do not roll-over from week to week.

If you are a Student Teacher or on-campus student with an internship you may find your commitments and travel time make utilizing the Dining Center difficult. We hope this plan is the solution to your busy schedule! The Z-Plan does not offer any meals, but instead offers a set amount of Flex per semester to be used at any of our three dining locations. Enrollment in the Z-Plan is based upon registration in a minimum number of applicable credits. To determine eligibility please contact